Head Over To Lotus Leaf For A Family Get-Togethers Over Delish Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Lotus leaf is a carefree fine eat spot situated in the Middle of Eskay resort at Borivali West. Eskay resort has numerous eateries. One of the flavours of the day spot was this. Unique lighting with white and dark themed climate.

We should examine their sustenance menu:

Broccoli and almond soup:

I haven't tasted any soup like this before. Damn the taste was so great it was like the lay's cream and onion flavour. Yummy it was simply yummy. If u think to arrange a soup do attempt this.

Chu Cha Paneer:

Yum, tasty paneer starter. They were so delicate just by placing it into your mouth. They are going to dissolve and top You off with a gigantic taste.

Hummus Sandwich:

Pivot the pic and u will see a heart. Yes, a heart brimming with a sandwich with yummy taste and presented with fresh fries. One hell of a sandwich.

Here is the Fruit Punch with Wow cracking wonderful taste. The second one the fruit juice will cause u to go insane with its taste and u won't drink it quick since u don't need it to end. The first is likewise great with it's smooth completed surface and relieving taste.

Just by the look, one can comprehend that it is a sound invigorating mocktail with novel taste. It has frigid surface and to a greater extent a minty taste

Cha Chu Paneer:

This platter was so great just by tasting the main spoon one gets the opportunity to taste the entire Indian Chinese culture with paneer as the significant fixing. It was damn delectable with great quantity. It is a delicious starter one can arrange.

This mocktail was extremely cherry on the meal. Full frosty surface with a sweet taste. One can feel the taste more when it softens, so have persistence and allowed it to liquefy.

Aglio Olio and pepperoncini pasta:

Companions don't get befuddled by the appearance of it. It's not noodling its pasta. It's Aglio Olio and pepperoncini pasta presented with garlic bread. The taste of pasta with the smoothness of noodles. This was a hell of a dish with delicious olives and chillies.

Three Cheese Pizza:

Damnnn this Three cheddar pizza. One word for it is Awesomeeeeee. It was extremely delicious damn scrumptious with cheddar. The taste was so great we requested the same pizza twice.

Veg Rajasthani:

Rajasthani that is correct the pith of Rajasthani sustenance was available in each chomp of the bowl. It was extremely delicious with a blend of various flavours and beat with cheddar and were presented with various veggies.

Paneer tikka masala:

This dish was truly finger-licking dish. The paneer was so delicate and the sauce was such a great amount of loaded with taste, to comprehend my wordings simply go attempt it once.

Parda Lucknowi Biryani:

So here is the fundamental course ya truly the primary course biryani.

It was delectable to such an extent that 'maa ke haat ki biryani' yaad a gayi. yup, it was extremely delicious with various serving style and it was presented with raita.

Tiramisu Cake

This pastry Tiramisu cake was something unique.with its interesting taste and the plan created over the desert made. It looks so delightful that just by seeing this desert we will bounce into it. It was just yummy.

Chocolate Cheesecake:

Amazing! This cake was simply wow.

The gooey embodiment in the cake was the significant factor that made this dessert stand apart from different cakes and which made the feast complete.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids