Clean & Green: Sante Spa In Khar Is A Haven For All Things Healthy

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What Makes It Awesome

Let me start with a fun fact: the kitchen in Sante Spa's Khar outlet doesn't have sugar and maida in their kitchen. Cool, isn't it? After BKC, this healthy cuisine kitchen has parked itself in Khar too (just a 2-minute walk from the Khar railway station).  Calming hues, natural decor and a well-curated menu, Sante Spa in Khar is where you can go to find your little own oasis of zen. Kickstarted on the philosophy of 'less is more', their this outlet has a fresh and entirely new Sattvik menu that is divided into homemade soups, fresh farm salads, healthy morsels, bakes & grills, sustainable nourishments and guilt-free desserts. 

Trust me, even if you're all like "I can't eat healthy food", you'll be a convert by the end of the meal. Although I am not a health freak, I must say, they make the healthy dishes so inviting and scrumptious. Whether you're heading here for a brunch with your girls or just a wholesome dinner with your family, they've got tons of options. You can start with their energetic drinks or wholesome smoothies. Or their refreshing salads! I went straight for their healthy Buddha Bowl that's hella high on protein and is a wholesome mix of greens like peas, sprouts, zucchini and more. These come with the yummiest dressing and sauces to balance out the extra healthy factor. 

If you're craving comfort food, their truffled cream cheese dumplings are heavenly! I highly recommend this one. If you are a fan of hummus, try their Mediterranean buffet - a platter with healthy dips and gluten-free bread. My insider info is that they've got something called charcoal bread, that's gluten-free and oh-so-light. Try it.

Being a pizza lover, I had to order one, despite being sceptical about a healthy version. But, I was wrong and it was YUM! I went with Truffled Buratta on aged sourdough. This was highly recommended by them and now I know why! It was healthy but flavourful, thin-crust and yummy tomato sauce and topped with arugula. 

Last and my favourite part of the meal of their special guilt-free desserts. Think salted peanut butter mud cup, a forest of chocolate truffle, avocado and pistachio ice cream and lots more. 


If you're a coffee-lover, do try their cold coffee and coconut milk infused coffee selection.  


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