From Diving With Sharks To Visiting The Sparkling Sea of Stars, Maldives With GoAir Is A Must Visit!


If you have ticked all the usual travel spots in the country, and can’t find a place to celebrate the New Year, you are not alone. For that grand year-end celebration, the location plays a huge role. Luckily, we’ve got an awesome recommendation for you. Head over to Malé, the capital of Maldives, and take some much needed downtime!  We’re already imagining our (hopefully) soon to be vacation in Malé, and it’s giving us #VacationGoals! GoAir has direct flights from Mumbai to Malé at fares starting at only Rs 7459. We assure you, you cannot find a better deal than this for the peak travel season! Wait there’s more- GoAir’s flights are timed so that you don’t miss the luxurious experience of arriving in your hotel in a seaplane on the same day. If you still need convincing, we bring you 5 unique experiences in Malé! 

Explore the Underwater Life In a Submarine!

The Maldivian capital of Malé has an array of skyscrapers that takes over its spectacular skyline, but it’s actually under the waves where you get to witness the most breath-taking sights. Experience the magic of the underwater whilst still staying dry! The ‘Whale’ submarine reaches depths of 150 metres and this is one of the most spectacular ways to see the exciting creatures that inhabit the vast Indian Ocean! 

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Discover the Glow in the Dark Island

Maldives is filled with hidden gems and one of them is the Vadhoo Island which glows at night! This is due to the fact that aquatic microbes, which are bioluminescent in nature, radiate a vibrant blue light under the sea. Sparkling waters caused by the marine creatures has given the Vadhoo Island the name ‘Sea of Stars’. With its translucent waters, this place is an absolute paradise. Located 8 Kilometers from Malé, Vadhoo island is easily accessible by a 15-minute speedboat ride. Wouldn’t you love to visit this enchanting place?

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Create Your Own Robinson Crusoe Experience On One of the Deserted Islands!

Out of the 1190 islands that Maldives has, 800 are deserted islands that you can rent and live the ‘island life’. Private paradise is at arms’ reach! Have the time of your life while experiencing an array of gourmet services and a personal butler! While you’re enjoying the private island life with a touch of elegance, head over to the unique diving spots in South Malé and witness the beautiful coral gardens, caves, and shipwrecks- perfect for those people who want more than exotic sea creatures. 

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Diving With The Whale Sharks!

Our idea of shark diving usually involves blood, gore, and those horrific movies we’ve seen. However, Malé takes a different route to this experience and changes your entire perception! Sharks are, in fact, one of the most docile and playful creatures, and swimming with them is indeed a once in a lifetime experience!  

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Walk Underwater!

Underwater Walking is a pretty unique experience that involves putting on a special sealed mask that provides you with air allowing you to walk underwater. Though you can’t go that deep like in scuba diving but it’s pretty cool to walk on the waterbed. This is one activity that can be done by people of all ages. 

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