Visit Vintage Vibes Of Mumbai At Bombay Bakehouse And Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bombay Bakehouse and Kitchen is a newly opened joint in Naupada, Thane. There's finally a new quaint cafe in Thane, which isn't just another franchise.

Giving homage to the times when Mumbai was Bombay, BBHK is following a Bombay vintage theme for decor. From classic old photographs of Mumbai's iconic places to antique objects like binoculars and gramophone and faded interiors, this place gives a strong vibe of Bombay. The ambience overall is cosy and classy and the music played is soft but adds to the charm.

The service was prompt and the staff is very attentive as well. The menu covers a lot of Western options as well as a few Indian ones. The chef took us over the menu and explained why some Western and Indian dishes were on it, giving a glimpse of English culture on Bombay. The dishes are quite popular among the people of Mumbai, along with some unique twists from the kitchen.

Coming to food, we decided to try various items from different sections of the menu:

Minestrone Genovese Soup: 4/5
(Classic tomato based minestrone with fresh veggies and pasta, served with some garlic bread)

Watermelon Feta and Candied Walnut Salad: 4.5/5
(Watermelon, feta cheese, candied walnuts, Rocca leaves and cranberry dressing make it perfectly balanced and good for a diet)

Nachos Overload Veg: 3.5/5
(Quite cheesy but lacked veggies and beans)

Fusilli Mamma Rosa: 4/5
(Pink sauce pasta with a lot cream and cooked to perfection)

Spicy Mushroom and Corn Cheese Sandwich: 3/5
(The bread was a little dry but the filling was quite good)

House Special Veg Monster Burger: 4/5
(The star dish of the menu, this Burger came with a potato patty and a whole paneer patty, with cheese drooping from all sides)

Dirt Pond: 4.5/5
(Making chocolate the star of the dish in its various textures and forms, served with vanilla ice cream, this dish was highly recommended by the chef and lived up to it)

Chocolate Oreo Cookies Malt Shake: 5/5
(Perfect combination of Oreo and Malt with some yummy chocolate syrup)

If you're looking for a pretty cafe to chill with your friends and not hurt your pockets too, this is the place to be! Be sure to visit this amazing place!

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