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Sit Back With A Graphic Novel And A Cappuccino At This Juhu Bookstore

Bhavika posted on 12th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Granth Bookstore in Juhu is just the place to get lost in a good book with a cappuccino. Here’s why.

So Many Books, So Little Time

Once you get past the fact that it is situated on top of a clothing store named Pagli, it’s all pretty much smooth sailing for this book store. Starting from the walls leading up to it with doodles to the categorised and uncluttered space inside, we are already rooting for the book store.

It is a two-floor book store, and floor one seems the biggest. The books are neatly classified into their sections, starting with new arrivals and bestsellers {an atypical selection, this included a good mix of Indian, American and even Japanese writers such as Keigo Higashino}. We go on to other rows: humour, poetry, science/mathematics, biographies, Indian fiction, history, philosophy, religion and self-help.

We loved their classics section, which was an absolute sight for sore eyes and include Penguin classics, beautiful printed hardcovers by Word Cloud Classics, Octopus Books and Canterbury Classics.

What Else?

Their graphic novels selection {including favourites such as Sin City, Justice League and The Twilight Zone}, their colouring book section, art & design selections and even international magazines {such as Esquire, Tiger Beat and IQ} were quite extensive too, although we did feel that they needed to keep more up-to-date with new and upcoming illustrated comics and books.

On the second floor were the children’s and cookbook sections. {Would rather not wonder what the connection between the two is.} The children’s book collection made us want to sit and read them all right there and then. As for the cookbooks and food books, they had a few in stock – but our favourite was this ultimate Pizza Guide, which we fell in love with. Don’t know many other book stores which keep this.

Spending time searching for the right book can be exhausting, and that’s why they have kept a coffee machine in their cafe-like space. However, the only coffee they offer is cappuccino.

So, We’re Saying…

Well-maintained, usually well-stocked and pleasing to the eye, Granth bookstore is a place for any book-lover to enter and in a moment feel like they’re at home.

Granth Book Store

Book Stores