Craving Some Greasy Indian-Chinese? Head To Dynasty In Santacruz

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If you love Chinese, then you have to have eaten at Dynasty in Santacruz. This eatery serves up the beloved ‘Chindian’ cuisine which somehow still manages to retain everything that makes authentic Chinese amazing.

Chow Down

For most singles and people living alone, Dynasty has been the go-to restaurant. This age-old eatery has been the most loved and preferred Chindian joint for locals living around the Bandra-Khar-Santacruz areas.

If you’re a soup person, order their thick hot and sour chicken soup {INR 160}, which will instantly get you in the mood to gorge on some yummy Chinese food. Next up, order their greasy and delicious sesame fried chicken with chilli honey sauce {INR 310} which we truly love a lot {the sauce is awesome}.

For the mains, without a doubt get their jumbo prawns {INR 620} or the chicken in chilli garlic sauce {INR 300}, both of which will make for amazing combinations with their hakka noodles {INR 250} or the burnt garlic fried rice {INR 250}. We love their style of cooking, and the quantity is ample too. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. For desserts, we always choose the honey flat noodles with ice cream {INR 190}, which is perfect to close your meal.

So, We’re Saying…

Go here if you truly love Chinese. The restaurant will always be flooded with patrons, but there’s also enough room to house everyone. In case you’ve got to wait a bit, take our word for this – you won’t regret the wait. They also deliver home, so there’s always that option.


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