Want Thai Indian cuisine At Your Doorstep? Then Check Out This Cool Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

Lotus Blossom is a new delivery outlet at Bandra which I recently tried and loved the entire experience.

Coming to the food:-

Tangy prawns: The theme of this dish is sweet. The prawns are very soft and tasty which is always good. It is garnished with a lot of salad. This dish is for the fine dining time so there is more focus on the quality rather than quantity.

Fried fish in pepper and garlic:- This one, is moderately spicy with the fish being extremely soft and tender. The fish with soy sauce tastes very tasty alongside the covering blending in. The sauce is what adds up to the taste, not too explosive in taste but right there at the correct level. The whole dish feels unique.

Vegetarian Thai green curry: The curry tastes extremely tasty. The style of the curry feels like it just melts in your mouth and that you can actually feel the taste which is awesome. The veggies are fresh and tasty alongside the curry and add up more to the dish.

Vegetarian spicy basil noodles: These noodles are extremely spicy, they are for the real spice lovers. The noodles are super fine and tasty. It contained a lot of red chilly cut in small pieces alongside a lot of salad which was also really spicy and it was a perfect spicy experience!

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

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