Want To Have Your Lunch At A High End Dhaba? Look At This Place ASAP

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What Makes It Awesome?

Angrezi Dhaba is a quite a lively and a happening place in Dadar, thus restaurant gives you a nice high end dhaba vibe, the ambiance is pretty cool they have inside AC seating as well as outdoor seatings. A filmy styled decor. They normally offer you North Indian dishes and as I have tried those I would recommend going for their North Indian dishes as they specialise in this cuisine. The service also was pretty good, the quantity as well as the quality of all the food dishes were pretty good. I had visited this place in the afternoon on a weekday and this place was packed full, so make your reservations and plans accordingly.

Dishes tried:
1) Cocktails:
Mumbai Addiction: A vodka based cocktail with Cranberry juice, it had a sweet and sour taste to it, a mild cocktail to go for. The taste of the alcohol as well as the cocktail as a whole was pretty good, had a perfect taste, would definitely recommend this.
Tall and handsome: This would definitely be one of their strong cocktails, it has a combination of different alcohols like rum, brandy, gin and wine, it also has some lime juice and orange juice to tone the alcohol down. The drink as a whole was perfect, tasted amazing, would definitely recommend this.

2) Starters:
Murgh Lal Mirchi Kebab: A nice spicy chicken starter to go for, the chicken was tender and nice and juicy, the chicken tasted absolutely delicious and would strongly recommend going for this dish. The dish in which the serve it to you will definitely give you a dhaba vibe, as it is served in a toy truck.

Mr Singh in Italy: This is the combination you get when a Punjabi visits Italy and gives his own twist to an Italian pizza. This pizza is topped with Mutton which makes this a great choice, you just cannot miss out on this dish if you visit this place. Would strongly recommend this.

Flaming masala wings: This dish is your normal chicken lollipops with some in-house masala that tasted quite spicy and good. It is then flambed with alcohol which elevates the taste and makes it a delightful dish. I myself am not a big fan of chicken lollipops but this to my surprise was pretty good. Would recommend going for this.

3) Main course:
Chicken Lapeta: A medium spicy chicken Main course that tasted pretty delicious. It is served in an iron type container, the boneless option of this dish is absolutely delicious. The chicken pieces were beautifully marinated and cooked, the chicken pieces were nice and tender, would surely recommend this dish.

4) Desserts: A part of lunch/ dinner you simply cannot skip.
Gulab Jamun Triffle: This is a triffle that includes Gulab Jamun, Brownie as well as some vanilla ice cream, it tasted pretty good, all the flavours were very much visible. Would recommend going for this dish.

Motichoor ladoo Parfait: Now generally a parfait is like a dessert made with eggs and fruits, this is made with Motichoor ladoo, tasted amazing, I'm a huge Motichoor fan, so once I heard that this dessert had Motichoor in it, there wasn't any second guesses and I really enjoyed this.

On the whole quite a wholesome place where you can enjoy some amazing varieties of drinks as well as a huge variety of food items ranging from vegetarian, chicken, Mutton as well as seafood. I couldn't really tell the best time to visit as I had gone for lunch on a weekday and this place was full, so I guess you would have to make your plans accordingly to taste their lovely food. Would surely recommend this place and I would definitely be visiting this place again in the near future.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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