Grab Wasabi-Flavoured Ice Cream At This New Dessert Parlour In Versova

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Kolkata’s famous ice-cream chain, Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream, has opened its doors to patrons in Mumbai, and while the homesick Bengalis will rejoice, the others can get ready to discover something irresistible.

Chow Down

After opening multiple parlours in Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore, Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream is finally here in Mumbai and our happiness knows no bounds. Their extremely delicious ice-cream is truly cherished and enjoyed by patrons, and those who’ve had it once simply cannot stop gushing over it.

They have regular, fresh-fruit, Indian, exotic and spice flavours, all of which are unique and taste oh-so-good. Their fruit range is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours either. Since everything here is freshly made, fresh fruit ice-creams are seasonal. They say that their non-fruit ranges are made from only high-grade natural ingredients. The very famous ‘Nalen Gur ice cream’ is their own invention and is a flavour most Bengalis swear by {even Hillary Clinton fell in love with this one during her Kolkata visit}.

Their unique spice flavours include wasabi, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, five spice, paan, Gandharaj lemon, rose petal and more. Their exotic range comprises bubblegum, banana toffee, peppermint, etc., while their seasonal fresh fruit range has literally every fruit flavour available.

So, We're Saying...

Go here for utterly delicious, home-made ice-cream that will blow your mind. Everything here is made fresh and in-house so be rest assured you will get only the best taste possible.


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