A Brotherly Fight Led To Two Libraries In Mahim - Both With The Same Name

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In Mahim, if you ask for Victoria Library, you will be led to not one, but two, located side by side. Here, you find a really extensive collection of books, music, and the latest DVDs all for a nominal price.

What's The Story?

This was once one big library, which started 51 years ago, but a few years back was split into two shops due to a not-so-brotherly fight in the family. Shop 1, to the left is the Victoria Music House and Library, and has a huge, huge, huge collection of books. It may seem overwhelming but a true-blue bibliophile will only get excited by the challenge. You will find books you never knew you wanted as well as those you read a long time ago, but most books by every author, but just a few here and there. Most such libraries have older books but here we also saw Vir Sanghvi’s Rude Food, and The Nanny Diaries {remember the movie?}

The books here can be rented either on a monthly or per-book basis. Pay INR 250 and you can borrow two books at a time from the library. Depending on the reading speed, you can possibly read up to even 30 books from here. They also have a massive range of the latest movies, each which can be rented at INR 70.

They deliver books across Mahim, for no extra fee. If you want a particular book, they can even order it for you either the very same day or at the latest, the next.

The Other Store

This is a much smaller, cleaner store. The collection is small, but clean and is helpful to spot new editions of books. Neatly stacked and divided by genre, these books can only be rented on an inidivudal book basis.

So, We're Saying...

We were honestly taken back by the sheer quantity and how up to date they were, and sincerely wonder with businesses like these, why libraries would ever go out of style.


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