Dream Interpretation, Palm Reading & More: A Mysterious Bookstore In Mumbai Sells Only Self-Help Books

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What Makes It Awesome

Warden Book House in Breach Candy is a specialised, niche bookstore which will make you want to pick up a new hobby and a pack of tarot cards, stat.

While most bookstores divide themselves by shelf, each taking on personalities of fiction, Indian fiction, graphic novels, children’s books and more, Warden Book House takes on the role of a whole shelf in itself. Standing rather boldly in blue and white beside the famous nariyal-paani seller of Breach Candy, this bookstore is for all the self-help books you could need and honestly, never even imagine.

There are books and titles on animal therapy, yoga, colour healing, sound healing, numerology, books on dream interpretation. Amidst these tall and sometimes intimidating books, you may find a few copies of Archie’s comics to console you, and we suggest you pick them up for comfort.


Stop by this peculiar and rather interesting store, speak with the owner and pick up a few tomes. You never know how a good book can change the way things are going.


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