Watch Music Videos On A Rooftop Or A Living Room & Talk Music At The Listening Sessions

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What Makes It Awesome

This Saturday was my first time attending The Listening Sessions, a monthly labour of love which has musical performances and screenings of iconic music videos for a small audience. a

This super niche, an underground event is a labour of love by two people - Vipasha Tilak and Romel Dias, who wanted there to be a space in the city for people to engage with the art of music videos. While music videos are everywhere - hello YouTube - they felt that the understanding of the format and medium we used to have during the MTV days has kind of passed.

They have held sessions analysing the psychology behind pop music videos, understanding the filming process behind one-take music videos and more.

You have to attend one of the events to truly understand what makes it so magical. There's such a pure and enthusiastic appreciation for music in all its forms and a very non-snobbish approach to discussing art and our response to it. You also get to see a local musician perform a set for you, someone speaks at length about music videos that they have curated for the session, and meet some very cool people.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing at all. Entry is only INR 300. They usually have these sessions on a rooftop in Andheri, but the venue might be switching around during the monsoon. The one I went to was held at the Little House, a very cute bungalow on Yari Road.

What's My Pro Tip?

Definitely, take some time to speak to the musicians and audience members. They've got a lot of cool stuff going on as well.

Anything Else?

They hold these events on a monthly basis. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for updates.

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