We Found You A Bohemian Escape In The Middle Of The City

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What Makes It Awesome

A dash of blue and a whole lot of white - Elementaria Bakery & Cafe in Juhu is as bohemian as it can get. Located right next to the Starbucks on JVPD scheme, the cafe is unmissable and once you spot it, there's no way you would not want to enter. 

Now we've been longtime fans of this bakery-cum-cafe simply because we love their breads (they're so soft) and desserts (don't even get us started). Each of their four outlets comes with a unique ambience and vibe, but what stays the same is their quality of food and the options they have to offer. 

For starters, we love their croissants and sandwiches. The bread is super fresh and soft, and the taste is always on point. Next up, the ravioli and pasta are definitely worth a try, especially if you want to opt for an all-out meal. They also have other food options for you to try, all depending upon how hungry you are. They have an array of beverages, too, which you can pair with your meal.

Now coming to our favourite part about being at Elementaria - their exemplary desserts. We've pretty much tried every dessert on the menu, but we highly recommend their 48 layer cake, the red velvet mini cake, the intense chocolate tub cake or the red velvet tub cake. They have a bunch of options in half and one-kilo cakes, so if you're here celebrating a special occasion or have one coming up, you know where to get the cake from! Their cutting desserts, too, taste just as good as they look.
When we say we love their desserts, we meant that we literally go all out and sometimes make a meal out of it.  

Go here on a date, take your fam or throw a party for your kids- Elementaria is home to all age groups and all taste buds. Though the Juhu outlet is a tad small, no one ever had a problem waiting a bit for good food! See you there!

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