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What Makes It Awesome

Wearing a mask is now a necessity in recent times. However, who said that they need to be plain-jane & uncomfortable to wear? Masks by K.Kristina (available on Shop On LBB) are not only easy on the eyes, but they’re soft, comfortable on the skin & breathable at the same time. 

These masks are sustainable, as they are made from post production excess fabric. K.Kristina strongly imbibes a zero-waste culture. The prints of these masks are all inspired by life's simple pleasures. They are colourful and fit snugly on your face. Also, they come in two sizes: small for women & medium for men. They also have face masks for kids between the ages of 8-12 years. Their soft elastic ear loops make them comfortable for anyone to wear. 

Not only that, if you’re looking at twinning with your mommy or your toddler, you can always buy their Mom & Me face mask set! To put it simply, they’re a set of two matching face masks for mother and child. Talk about adding some fun while donning those masks! Additionally, they also offer embroidered masks as well as reversible face masks with two colours. It can be worn on either side. However, what sets them apart is how these embroidered masks are created and hand embroidered by extremely artistic & talented women nestled deep inside the villages of Bhopal. They’re made in collaboration with Aham Bhumika (an NGO). 

These should give you enough reasons to order these incredible masks, as wearing them is quite unavoidable. It’s your chance to wear something that looks charming and is comfortable at the same time.


These masks can be hand washed and reused with a shelf life of up to one year for all. They’re priced between INR 200 - INR 800 and you can order them from Shop On LBB. So, go on, get yourself some much needed face protection that’ll serve you well.