Month-Old Copies Of The New Yorker At INR 150? We Tell You Where

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We are geeking out over a roadside magazine stall we found near Flora Fountain which is selling secondhand editions of international magazines at throwaway prices.

What Kind Of Zines?

Photography lovers will find their happy place here with so many editions of The National Geographic. Wise with words? You can buy older copies of The New Yorker {INR 100} and very recent editions at INR 150.

If you’re into fashion, find the US and British editions of Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Elle at this stand.

Stuff, Wired, Harvard Business Review, Rolling Stone, Sight & Sound {a film magazine}, and The Atlantic are only a few more of the gems you will gush over when you come. There’s so much more to explore, and hours can be spent leafing through magazines you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford, and newer ones you’ll discover for the first time.

So We're Saying...

If you never quite got it when people said that books are one’s best friend, but always loved pouring over magazines, you should definitely carry a bag along and stock up on rare magazines to obsess over from cover to cover.

Where: It is located outside Kandeel restaurant and bar, near Flora Fountain, Fort. It’s very close to Kitab Khana as well.

Contact: Call Vicky on +919769243146

Price: The secondhand magazines of international editions range between INR 100–150. They may be priced a little higher for art magazines and a few others.


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