Play Ludo, Drink Masala Chai And Eat Onion Paranthas At Chai Pe Charcha

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If you haven’t been to any of the Chai Pe Charcha outlets in the city, the it’s time you change that, and we suggest you start with the one in Andheri.

Is It Chai Time Yet?

Chai Pe Charcha has four outlets across the city, and we’ve actually taken a fancy to the one in Andheri. Mumbai. It’s got amazing options for chai, everyone’s favourite beverage, and are priced reasonably too. They happen to serve some delicious paranthas too {the onion parantha is our favourite and goes well with their masala chai.

Interestingly, they have games such as ludo, chess and snakes and ladders on every table, so you could revisit your childhood with your friends sitting right there {or make a fun evening out of it with your little ones}. People who enjoy chai and games, it’s purely a blissful experience. The service here is good and the staff is friendly. Though the cafe is kind of small with a maximum of seven tables, we still like going and spending and relaxed evening there.

So, We're Saying...

If you find yourself scouting for an amazing chai outlet ever-so-often, then Chai Pe Charcha may be worth a visit.


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