We Tried The Kim Kardashian West-Approved Skincare Treatment And...It's Worked!

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What Makes It Awesome

Kim Kardashian West has set (and boosted) one too many beauty trends. One of them is the Pearl Finish Laser Peel facial. The super quick and easy treatment is designed for people like us who spend long hours working and travelling, and more often than usual, land up with dull, lifeless skin. Skinsense Skin & Laser Clinic in Prabhadevi happens to be the only salon in the city to offer this treatment, so I decided to give it a shot. 

The facial, as mentioned earlier, is super fast. I hadn't ever done a laser treatment before this, so I was sort of skeptical. But after a consultation with the doctors, I knew this would turn out to be just right. 

The treatment starts with a basic skin clean up, after which your eyes are covered (for safety, duh!). Now you will feel a slight itchy sensation once the laser treatment begins, but it won't make you uncomfortable at all. In fact, the procedure is so quick that you will hardly even realise that it's over. This treatment essentially helps in removing superficial sun spots and unwanted tan apart from minimizing enlarged pores. At the end of the 10-minute job, the doctor will warn you that in a few days the dead skin will peel off, leaving you with fresh, evenly toned skin. And a natural glow. And trust me, one week down, my skin looked healthier and fresher. By the end of three weeks, the glow was intact. And mind you, super natural. All I was asked to do in my aftercare was moisturise well.

If you're looking for instant results, then this isn't for you. Pearl finish, when done at regular intervals, helps in reducing superficial fine lines and wrinkles. And all of this comes to you at just INR 5,000. 

I think the treatment is amazing, and the consultation surely helped me. The doctors are super easy to talk to, and I got some great skincare tips from them. If you believe in healthy skin and are highly against salon facials (with chemicals et al), then this one's definitely the wiser, better option. 

PS- (swipe till the end to see my most recent photo, 45 days post treatment. I'm wearing no foundation or any other makeup barring the eyeliner & lipstick)

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