We Visited The All-New Farmer's Cafe: Here's What We Tried!

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What Makes It Awesome

#EatLikeItMatters. It’s a phrase which could be confusing at first, but as we spent a while parsing through the menu at the all-new Farmer’s Cafe, we figured that it’s pretty, ahem, deep. Farmer’s Cafe is all about eating whole foods, prepared with care.
As you can expect, this one’s a farm-to-table space (just like it was before!) and has food that’ll satisfy every particular taste/requirement - vegan, keto, paleo, low-car, and vegetarian. Are you a hardcore carnivore? You’ll be sorted, too, and you can rest easy knowing that everything you’re eating is completely guilt-free.
We headed here to sample the exciting new menu, which has been introduced to celebrate the re-opening (yay!). Here’s how it went.
We started things off with the Iced Almond Milk Latte with Coffee Cubes, which was super refreshing, and honestly brought to life by the nuttiness of the almond milk.
We then moved on to the Berry Good Life, an adorable breakfast-dessert hybrid that had granola cups filled with mixed-berry yogurt, topped with raspberry halves. This was one delicious dish.
We were then presented with the Shakshuka Pizza (albeit eggless) and we’ve got to say, we really appreciated that multi-grain healthy pizza base! The addition of guacamole brought a lovely freshness to this dish.
We moved to the Asian Bowl next, and LOVED the lemony paneer, paired with veggies and rice. This was a whole meal in itself… But we didn’t stop there.
The Almond Pesto Penne wowed us because it had the creamiest pesto, without the addition of cream. Served with almond slivers, we were pleasantly surprised by how “unhealthy” this one tasted. Needless to say, this one was polished right off.
We concluded with a show-stopping Flourless Chocolate Cake. While this did taste like ALL kinds of “sinful”, we kept going in for more, knowing full well that this is probably the most nourishing dessert we were gonna have in a while.

So this joint’s for the gym rat, the Trying To Eat Healthy, and the weight-watchers, but also for the ones who want great food without feeling lowkey sick later. A ton of cuisines are represented on the menu, so we’re sure you’ll find something for your taste easily!

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