Jayati posted on 3rd December

Proud And Wanna Get Out? Three Mumbai Groups To Hit Up For LGBT Parties

Ten-Second Takeaway

When it comes to being an inclusive and open space – at least culturally – Mumbai takes the trophy away in India. Hence, we often find the LGBT community is pretty active and thriving in Mumbai – keeping up with the progressive districts of London, Berlin and New York. Breaking the barriers and the social construct – this community loves to party – in pockets of this widespread city.

We spoke to a few regulars from the LGBT community and have rounded up three groups to follow for getting to the amazing LGBT parties around town – advocating inclusion, harmony and fun. It really is simple because love conquers all and one.

Gay Bombay

Gay Bombay, an online community dedicated to the gay community of Mumbai is pretty regular with their parties and even meet-ups – including their allies and families. Founded in 1998 – with almost two decades of existence – they love organising vibrant and engaging activities like treks, picnics, film festivals – but especially parties.

A safe space not just for attending a fun party with the community – they also encourage meet ups, counselling sessions, anything really that you’d like to discuss with them. In the past, they’ve organised some fabulous parties.

#LBBTip: They’re organising a party on 3 November, Saturday in Andheri West, 9pm onward and if you’d like to be a part of it contact them on 9870504010. Only 21 and above will be allowed – so carry your ID.

To stay updated with their events, follow them here, and join the community here.

Salvation Stars

Salvation Stars was started off in 2007 to organise parties and events exclusively for the LGBT community. Not restricted to the community itself – if you want to show support for a friend/family – you’re welcome to their parties. It’s a great way to socialise and meet other people from this burgeoning and thriving community.

Their aim is to provide an open, bias free space from the LGBT community to come and be themselves, hence the fab parties. From New Year Eve’s events to Diwali parties to just a good old night in the town – they do it all.

#LBBTip: They have two upcoming events – A New Year Party and Salvation Star Taboo Soiree on December 10 at The Link Room, Bandra West {find the event here}.

Salvation Starlets

An offshoot of Salvation Stars, this group caters to the LGBT women of Mumbai. Exclusively for women, Starlets organises a lot of parties and meet ups across the city.

If you’re a lesbian, and have been struggling to find cool parties to attend, this is the group you ought to join. You maybe a member of the LGBT community or a supporter – all women are welcome to Starlet parties. Find good food, flowing drinks and obviously, a great space to interact with the community and let loose. In the past, they’ve organised these parties at Bungalow 9, The Link Room {a frequent partner} and chic AF Bonbo.

To stay updated with their events, follow them here.