Brekkie Goals: These 20 Mumbai Eateries Serve Delicious & Wholesome Breakfasts

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If there’s one thing that Mumbai’s food can rightly own, it’s its breakfast culture. From spicy plates of misal pav to comforting hot idlis, indulgent keema pav, deliciously runny egg bennys and what not. Think of what you’d like to eat for breakfast and chances are you’ll find it in Mumbai as soon as the sun comes up. That’s mostly because some places are open early just like they used to when Bombay’s mills used to bustle. Rise and shine and head to these places for the best breakfast in Mumbai. There’s something for everyone here. 

Scrumptious, Andheri West

Scrumptiious in Versova started off as a tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery, but now has expanded into a cafe-like space. It’s one of the few places in Versova that opens up as early as 7:30 AM and stays open till 11 PM every day barring Thursday. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: The fluffy and filling omelettes, classic egg florentine, the waffles and pancakes. Or go for the signature breakfast, with add-ons such as bacon and sausages.

Shell Out: INR 1,100 for two (The Scrumptious Signature Breakfast comes for INR 399)

Theobroma, Multiple Outlets

They serve one of the best English Breakfasts in Mumbai and people swear by it. The undisputed winner of perfectly done bacon, sausages, hash browns and loyalty. You can witness a plate of their English breakfast being ordered at any of their outlets. The quantity will have you questioning your eating capacity.

Our Suggestions Would Be: Full English breakfast, Kejriwal, Eggs Florentine, Spa Omelet, Pancakes with maple syrup

Shell Out: INR 800 for two 

Poetry By Love And Cheesecake, Bandra

Their English breakfast is light on the tummy surprisingly. Sausages, sunny side up and hash browns with a hint of green, you’ll need bacon to keep you fuller. And their bacon is fat-free, so feel free to order two portions. You'll get a delicious spread from at cost-effective pricing. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: The English Breakfast, cheese croissant, muffins 

Shell Out: INR 300 for two

Bombay Coffee House, Bandra

Located in the ever-bustling Linking Road in Bandra, Bombay Coffee House is an old world charm in this fast-paced city. With its relaxed atmosphere and delicious all day breakfast this is surely a place we’d love to go to again and again. They offer various breakfast combos for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They offer eggs Benedict, English breakfast, bowl of porridge and poha as well- all equally scrumptious! 

Our Suggestions Would Be: King's Breakfast, Kheema Ghotala with Pav, Brownie Waffle, French Toast

Shell Out: INR 750 for two

Fable, Juhu

Fable is known for serving breakfast and books all day and does it really well. Have an Egg Decker (scrambled eggs on creamed spinach), or an open breakfast focaccia sandwich with pesto and bocconcini melting on top, if you will. And if continental has you bored, try the rice noodle upma or lamb keema ghotala as part of their local favourites. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Granola Parfait, Eggs Decker, Desi Benedict, Shakshuka, Masala Akuri

Shell Out: INR 2,000 for two

The Nutcracker, Fort

A popular place that's known for its cozy ambience, comfort is exactly what you need to nail a hangover in the head. At Nutcracker, your taste buds can snuggle with Belgian waffles, oats porridge, hummus and pita or buttermilk pancakes. Very popular for their egg dishes, they are an all-day breakfast place (more of them, please) Get yourself a good and hearty meal, and thank us later for the recommendation! 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Mushrooms on Toast, Bagel & Cream Cheese, Eggs Kejriwal, Barley & Cracked Wheat Upma

Shell Out: INR 1,200 for two 

Irish House, Multiple Outlets

The Irish House's breakfast menu includes smoked sausages, thyme waffles with cherry-tomato fondue (which was not sweet), spiced baked beans with poached egg salad, a quinoa salad and their comforting breakfast stews infused with beer. Who says you can’t kill a hangover with more alcohol? So head here quickly and have your morning fixed with a comforting spread. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Smoked sausages, thyme waffles, Poached egg salad, quinoa salad

Shell Out: INR 1,900 for two

Elipsis Bakery, Worli

The breakfast at Ellipsis Bakery will treat you to bagel bombs {to make up for the Jager bombs}, chicken galettes, granola, hot chocolate. They also have chlorophyll yogurt, topped with berries and edible flowers. We’re definitely trying that out. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Avocado on toast, chicken salami sandwich 

Shell Out: INR 450 for two

Brunch ‘N’ Munch

If you live in and around Malad, chances are you’ve already grabbed a bite here at some point. For years, Brunch ‘N’ Munch was the neighbourhood’s OG spot if you were looking to eat bacon. Over the years, several spots may have mushroomed around, but Brunch ‘N’ Munch still serves up deliciously crisp bacon strips along with many breakfast options. You can grab eggs done your way, eat a variety of omelettes: Parsi, Spanish, Bacon & Cheese or Spinach & Cheese, among others; or opt for larger breakfast spreads like English, American, Continental and more. The restaurant uses its shop space as the kitchen and has a few tables laid out in front, along with a string of other stores. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Scrambled eggs with bacon and chives, frittata, American breakfast, which comes with eggs, French toast, sausage, bacon, baked beans, hashbrown and fruit bowl, served with tea or coffee. 

Shell Out: INR 800 for two

Opens At: 7 am

Kayani & Co.

A Bombay favourite for over 100 years, it’s unlikely that a Mumbaikar hasn’t eaten at Kayani. It’s a local favourite, a tourist haunt and a historic Irani cafe where several movies have been shot too. It still holds a lot of its original decor in place: Scandinavian bentwood chairs, panelled wood and mirrors on walls, and chequered cloth tables with glass tops. We’re obviously recommending Kayani & Co., for its keema ghotala and pav, but there’s a lot you can eat here for breakfast. Their breakfast section includes mostly chicken sausages and fried egg plates, but they have a dedicated omelette & egg section on their menu too. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Chicken & Cheese Omelette, Egg Bhurjee, Keema Ghotala, you can order each of these with pav on the side. And, end your breakfast with some Bun Maska with sweet Irani Chai. 

Shell Out: INR 300 for two

Opens At: 8 am

Cafe Madras

A legendary spot in Mumbai’s Tamil neighbourhood, you may have obviously heard or read about the morning queues at Cafe Madras every Sunday. But, the food is well worth the wait and the service is quick and efficient, so it honestly barely takes time. Don’t go expecting luxury, as this cafe will have you seated wherever they find a seat empty (you’ll have to share tables!). The hot rasams and the crisp dosas and the steaming filter coffee make the whole experience worth your while. And, you can also shop for their filter coffee blend, and banana chips before you head out.

Our Suggestions Would Be: Pesarattu, Ragi Masala Dosa, Rasam Idli, Kaapi are a must at Cafe Madras.

Shell Out: INR 350 for two

Opens At: 7 am

A1 Bakery

It’s the ideal bakery for when you’re strolling around Bandra in the morning and need a quick brekkie. Whenever we think of eating at A1, we obviously pack several items and head straight to Bandstand and enjoy our breakfast by the sea. It’s perfect and definitely worth the trip to the queen of suburbs. The bakery has been dishing out cutlets, rolls, puffs and more for decades and has been a favourite for a long, long time. Perfect to pack snacks for a trip, to enjoy at home with tea or early morning. This bakery is that 6 am friend everyone needs in the city. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Mutton Puffs, Chicken Pan Roll, Cheese Balls, but it’s best to also check what else is fresh on the shelf. You can also dig into their Apple Pie which runs out quickly if you want a sweet end to your breakfast. 

Shell Out: INR 150 for two

Opens At: 6 am

Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra

Mumbai may not have many spots for Maharashtrian meals and breakfasts, but this age-old kendra in Dadar still dishes out some of the best breakfast and snacks worth grabbing. It now sits in a new spot than its original location. But it’s still on Gokhale Road and is easily accessible. Grab a spot at any table you find empty because this place gets busy soon. You can dig into a spicy Misal Pav, a classic Sabudana Khichdi and more. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Thalipeeth, Misal, Batata Pohe, Sabudana Wade and wash it all down with a glass of Piyush, we think half a glass should suffice if you’re not a mighty eater.  

Shell Out: INR 150 for two

Opens At: 7:30 am

Mag St. Cafe

The latest offering from the Mag St. brand, this cafe in Colaba is where you must go to try the trendiest breads, and Mag St. Kitchen’s delicious experiments. Offering great coffee and breads, the cafe’s main menu is available only after 11:30am (are you thinking of brunch?), but we don’t mind it because who wouldn’t want to recreate that Breakfast at Tiffany’s opening scene? So, like Audrey Hepburn, grab a coffee and choose from a variety of Danish, Croissant, Cruffina and more. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Korean Cream & Cheese Garlic Bun, Brie Danish, Strawberry Croissant and more. You can grab a variety of coffees too.  

Shell Out: INR 600 for two

Opens At: 7:00 am

Rajubhai Dhoklawala

This Kandivali West farsan shop is where you must go if you want to indulge in breakfast as a Gujarati would. Pack and take home hot jalebi fresh out of the kadhai and crisp fafda to go along with it. As the shop’s name suggests, Rajubhai’s dhokla isn’t something you want to miss out on. While the variety also includes cheese and mayonnaise versions of dhokla, which we’ll refrain from, there are some classics like vatidal khaman and nylon khaman that you can’t miss.

Our Suggestions Would Be: Jalebi and Fafda, Palak Dhokla, and the patent White Dhokla are some that you must-have here.  

Shell Out: INR 200 for two

Opens At: 7:00 am

Jamjar Diner

Do diner breakfasts excite you? Of course they do (why else are you reading this?). Head to Jamjar Diner, a trusted choice to grab a breakfast taco or a breakfast burger. With two outlets - Bandra and Andheri - Jamjar never fails to excite us with their all-day breakfast offerings. Their hearty options, fun interiors and quality of food also make this a great spot for a breakfast date. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Grab a Breakfast Taco or a Breakfast Burrito Bowl because Jamjar always manages to impress with their Mexican flavours; but if a burger is more your style then the Breakfast Booty Burger comes with eggs, sausage, bacon, fries and a mustard aioli - all packed in.  

Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two

Opens At: 9:00 am

Kuckeliku Breakfast House

Another breakfast spot in Colaba, the Kuckeliku Breakfast House near Radio Club is a dedicated spot offering a variety of breakfast spreads: English, Mediterranean, Bhendi Bazaar and a Zen breakfast. Apart from also dishing out fresh Viennoiserie, breakfast small plates like Benedicts, Latke, Savoury Waffles, Congee, Shrimp & Grits and more. The cosy ambience allows you to enjoy your morning in a nook at the cafe and it’s truly worth waking up for. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Get the Kuckeliku Breakfast, which includes 3 eggs made-as-you-like, a Chia Seed Bowl/Yoghourt Bowl, Pancake/Waffle/French Toast, Sausages, House Potatoes and a beverage; you also must try their Asparagus & Brie Benny.

Shell Out: INR 1,300 for two

Opens At: 8:00 am

Vig Refreshments

Hunting down a North Indian breakfast isn’t hard, but getting your hands on a good one might be. Thank god for Vig in Chembur, which offers a limited menu but has hoards of people bustling in for a bite. It’s located in Chembur’s Sindhi Camp neighbourhood, so it of course offers Sindhi breakfast specials like Dal Pakwan. But you’ll also find stuffed parathas and khulchas, along with puri/bhature chole. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Head here for the Dal Pakwan, as it’s one of the best spots in Mumbai for it. Or dig into an Aloo Paratha or Paneer Partha; you can also opt for a plate of Chole Puri, made Sindhi-style.

Shell Out: INR 300 for two

Opens At: 6:30 am


Offering its legendary all-day breakfast trays from 11 am to 7:30 pm, Social may not be everyone’s first choice for breakfast, but we couldn’t ignore it for its offerings. Offering its own version of American and English Breakfasts, it also encompasses a North and South Indian breakfast tray, along with a typical Bombay breakfast. If you’re not looking for something big, then they also have smaller plates, offering Salli Par Edu, Fried Eggs, Bhurjee and more. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Dig into the Parsi favourite Don’t Be A Salli Par Edu here or opt for something sweet with their Blueberry Pancakes with Berry Compote. If you’ve got a big appetite, Riyaaz’s Breakfast of Champions is worth grabbing as it comes with haleem, poori, halwa & boiled eggs.

Shell Out: INR 1,400 for two

Opens At: 11:00 am

Mi Marathi

Does a typical breakfast look like a plate of pohe to you? Head to Mi Marathi in Vile Parle East, a small breakfast and snack shop that dishes out Maharashtrian snacks and is a neighbourhood favourite for its Kande Pohe. You’ll also find other staples like Thalipeeth, Misal Pav, Dahi Misal, Upma and more. And, it’s worth frequenting for them all. 

Our Suggestions Would Be: Get yourself a plate of Kande Pohe, or Upma; you can also grab a plate of Sheera-Upma mix if you like a sweet-savoury breakfast. 

Shell Out: INR 300 for two

Opens At: 8:30 am


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