White Charcoal - Serves Yummy Combinational Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

White Charcoal Fine Dine is a place that will convince not just your taste goblets but also tranquil your mind. A complete white marble ambience that upthrust and completely rivet you.

The staff is extremely welcoming and cordial. The concept of designing Indian food in a unique and diverse way is very well absorbed in each of their serve and service.

To start with, to make you a part of them they have a unique way of welcoming you; by bringing an Indian spice flavoured fragrance on your table. This will elevate you surely. And then they bring ‘Amuse Bouche’ which is pineapple with masala based with slightly spicy sauce, which is delicious too. Amazing welcome.🙌🏼

Let’s take you through what we ate:-

#Haleem Baklava: Minced mutton with mozzarella cream and caramelized onion prepared in Baklava. Every Bite was so succulent and flavoursome that we are still in a mesmerised state and we are not getting over it. A complete mouth melting experience!! Highly recommend must try!!💓😍😍🤤

#Nihari Kebab: Soft and juicy mutton leg piece covered with Indian spices. With mutton being so tender and juicy. The masala was completely drool-worthy. We were actually licking our fingers!💓💓

Main Course:

#Dum ka Murgh: Yellow coloured gravy with Indian spices but it won't taste like an Indian Dish. Thick and consistent gravy completely flavourful and tastes awesome when accompanied with a crispy Chur Chur naan.
Love every dish of this restaurant.

#Malabar Roasted Prawns: Fresh big tiger prawns roasted and placed on chopped coconut gravy served with quinoa rice. Prawns were cooked at perfection with well not so spicy yet yumminess 😍. This combination is unique and simply amazing. Just to suggest you can also have Prawns with their green mint chutney, which is absolutely delicious. 😍😍🤤🤤🤤❤️❤️


#Masala Chai Crème Brûlée: A Well presented dish with two biscuits giving a touch of chai. Caramelised from the top and all you need is to simply scope out a smooth and delectable chai tasted crème. Made out of date and whole wheat flour shortbread fused with ginger and cardamom. Light in taste so after having a heavy lunch or dinner you can have this definitely dive into this cup of Masala Chai Crème Brûlée. 🤤🤤

#Saffron Tres Leches - This dish is kind of a good blend with an Indian touch of Rasmallai infused with the Spanish dessert. A milk based dessert one must try!

Best hospitality! The service, the ambience and most importantly dishes with unique combinations and taste; everything was up to the mark. Giving a 5/5 rating would be less for this restaurant.

Every penny is completely Worth it!💓 A complete ‘Paisa Vasool’ feeling!

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