An Affirmation A Day: Natural Soy Wax Candles For A Relaxed You

    What Makes It Awesome

    We're all looking for more and more ways to relax and unwind lately. It's been a stressful year no doubt. While my personal go-to is aromatherapy and fragrance oils, I know a lot of people have turned to candles to turn their space into a zen zone. One reason I haven't loved candles in the past is that they are often made of paraffin wax and are not very eco-friendly. But thankfully, there's a solution for that - soy wax!

    That's where Whitefire comes in. This brand is making beautifully scented candles in soy wax and is truly all about finding your calm in the chaos. Their candles come with names like Calm, Loved, Successful, Thankful Grateful Blessed, You Are Amazing and more. So you'll get your room smelling amazing plus your daily affirmation for the day. Pretty cool, right? We suggest you start your day by lighting one of these, meditating for a few minutes, getting grounded and then tackling your hectic schedule. 

    These hand-poured, soy wax candles will cost you INR 650 for one and you can get them right here on LBB Shop. I'll be adding one of these to cart asap. What about you?


    You can choose between their Scented or Affirmation candle range. Go on and add these to cart to inject some calm and peace to your daily routine.