Gym Freaks, You're Gonna Love WOD Armour

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Wod Armour

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re looking for T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, yoga pants, training masks, running belts and the like, WOD (which stands for Work Out Every Day, in case you were wondering) has you covered. We like that their T-shirts (for both men and women) have cute slogans (Weights Before Dates, Run Now, Wine Later, Bro Do You Even Lift, All I Need Is Coffee And A Barbell etc.) and aren’t very expensive - they start at about INR 849.

They also have a ‘self-rehab’ section (with products that can be used to reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery) with foam rollers, floss bands and lacrosse balls, which may be worth checking out if you're a gym freak! We also saw wrist-strength wraps, so if you're into developing a nice, muscular'll love this. They've also got nutritional supplements - a Kale Smoothie Mix (INR 500), High Protein Spreads (INR 690), and more!