Wannabe Dancers, Learn From Mumbai's First All-Woman Jazz Dancing Group

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Love Chicago and always wanted to learn jazz dance? Take some inspiration from this all-women jazz crew in Mumbai.

What Makes It Awesome

The Bom Squad is an all women, all talented jazz crew in Mumbai which choreographs, learns from each other and teaches jazz dance in the city. This was started by dancers Svetana Kanwar and Virali Parekh and includes 6 other members as of now.

As time {and people} have told us over and over again, jazz isn’t limited to jazz hands. Time we did something about that, right? These bawse ladies who not only make us envy them with the videos they put up online, take classes across the city so that you can learn it too.

They will be taking jazz workshops at different centres including Big Dance in Andheri and teaching two hours of jazz choreography.

For more regular classes, individual members of the crew take classes as well. You can catch Svetana’s jazz classes {both choreography and technique} at Big Dance Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8pm.


You can learn to ‘step, ball, change’, pirouette across the rule and take over the stage {and slowly, the world} with these jazz dance classes. The crew takes them in centres across Mumbai such as Big Dance in Andheri, etc. Find out more here.


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