Tired Of The Gym? Here's How You Can Get Out And Get Fit

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Traffic, rain and potholes – working out outdoors in Mumbai can seem like a lost task sometimes. But there are so many benefits to outdoor workouts, that we have to figure a way out. Here are some activities – and places to try them out – in Mumbai if you’re tired of working out in a claustrophobic gym.


Running is the classic activity that is not only more enjoyable but more beneficial when it’s done in the fresh air. You can try it on Mumbai’s beaches or in parks such as Jogger’s Park in Bandra. Running outdoors will not only challenge you more physically, but also keep boredom at bay since there’s always so much to see in Mumbai.

One park to check out for this is Nanalal D Mehta garden in Matunga. If you are looking for a place to walk, jog, run – this is a good option to explore. If your interests however veer towards hop, skip, jump {more specifically, any sort of sport or activity}, this isn’t the right place for that.


Working out with lesser equipment means that you end up doing a lot more of functional training and movements, which target the whole body. For this, you can combine your cardio exercises with lunges, sit-ups, skipping, push-ups, squats and more.

For this, check out Jogger’s Park on Carter Road in Bandra. It’s one of the best running parks in town. Trails, spots to do yoga and stretches, as well as a view of a great sunset – this park has it all.


Cycling is another effective outdoor cardio-vascular activity. You can also add weights to your ankles for added benefits. In contrast to an indoor bike, you use your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, shins and calves more when you’re on a bike outside.

Try cycling towards South Mumbai. This route is perfect for any cycling amateur, or even a beginner looking to explore the city. A ride from most of the city’s suburban parts to the NCPA would almost cover a stretch of 45-50 kilometres, and can take up to two hours of riding.


Though – unless you find a river – swimming is probably an indoor facility, it still affords an exposure to the elements which keep your fitness and health levels high. Try swimming at C’est La Vie in Bandra.  The changing rooms are clean and the attendant is friendly – she will gladly keep a watch on your valuables and discreetly rent out a swimming cap to you if you’ve forgotten yours at home.

Don’t forget to head to Mumbai’s first-ever Mud Rush this weekend to get a fun, adventurous and strenuous work out this weekend.

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Urmi Kothari who was in the popular Nike Da Da Ding ad, has a brand called Kinetic Living and if her Instagram videos are anything to go by, have motivated tons of people to ditch seats and get their fitness in order