Breathe In, Breathe Out: Apps To De-Stress You

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Times are kinda tough and a lot's happening around. But hey, hang in there. Talk to your folks, read a book, watch a feel good movie, cook - if that makes you happy! Or just take out 5-10 minutes to space out and breathe. These apps that you can download on your phone will help you keep calm and remember that whatever is happening is just external, and therefore, unimportant.


Most worrywarts recently converted to calm souls recommend Headspace as a meditative app. There's an introduction animation asking you to take some time to be in a happy headspace, and it works. Give it 10 minutes every day, preferably at the beginning of your day and it takes you through a few breathing exercises initially along with a calming picture.

Based on your need, the meditations guides are divided into the following: managing stress, anxiety, productivity and SOS meditation too (for those who are always on a run).

White Noise Lite

Does the soothing sound of birds, water or breeze help you keep calm?

Drown out all the other sounds by plugging in your earphones and listen to the calming sounds of a beach, rushing water, alowing winds, city streets, cats purring, train sound, water sripping and so on. Even if you are just on the train, and feeling on the brink of annoyance, listening to this will calm you down and make your mood better.

Stop, Breathe, Think

Well, this one's an award-winning app. 

Stop, Breathe, Think helps you meditate according to your mental and emotional state. It begins with asking you to tune in with yourself, check how you are feeling mentally, physically and emotionally (and click on boxes to check the emotions you have). The app then guides you to do different meditation and breathing exercises, as well as shows yoga postures and exercises to guide you with the help of videos. It’s bright, happy interface will uplift your mood whenever you do use it.

The app's got a whopping 55 tailored guided meditations that can be customized as per your choice. 

Stress Guide

Stress Gudie is more like a personal buddy which helps measure stress, manage it and improve stress resistance. It won't use up a lot of your time, just 5 - 10 minutes on a daily basis. So, here's how it works. Based on your individual's stress level the app creates stress management programs tailoured to your needs. 

Expect guided meditations, science-related relaxation techniques, stress-related lessons, breathing exercises etc.


This app aims to increase your daily productivity through expert opinions, scientific techniques and guided stress-relief sessions. The app also helps you overcome workplaces challenges like public speaking, decision making, deadlines etc. Being developed by top mindfulness experts, the app's got an array of guided sessions ranging from 5 minutes and upto 20 minutes. 

They've also got an online library that includes hundreds of practices like covering topics like emotional intelligence, resilience, stress relief,  leadership and a lot more. 


With Mindhouse, you can access guided meditation and yoga sessions for all levels from beginners to advanced. These can be accessed literally any time you'd like and can be personalised by choosing your personal goals, whether you're trying to sleep better or improve patience and focus. 


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