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    Steal Alert: Work Out Of This New Co-Working Space For Only INR 399 A Day

    Jayati posted on 02 December

    Ten Second Takeaway

    With co-working spaces revolutionising how people function out of an ‘ office’ – there’s a new player in town – Workplax.

    Lets Get Communal

    Workplax is an affordable co-working space set to launch in Versova, Borivali and Powai towards the end of January. This is a co-working chain that will afford people a space they can work out of – at cheap rates. Co-working spaces are slowly, and progressively picking up in India. With the likes on Ministry of New, The Local, and more – Mumbaikars do not have to be restricted to a conventional office – besides giving the people the chance to network and socialise freely.

    Their aim is to push more and more people – like freelancers, bloggers, start-ups or anyone really who’s looking for a space to work out of with basic amenities but a cheap cost. They aim to capitalise on the restaurants and cafes who pretty much remain non-operational during the days. For example a restaurant, a pub or a cafe – that doesn’t rely on its daytime hours for revenue – makes a fitting co-working space for Workplax.

    What We Love

    An alternative to the coffee houses we have at some point rushed to hold an important meeting or meeting a potential client. Forget the stink eye of the Barista or the cafe manager whilst you’re hoarding on their WiFi.

    Workplax is set to operate in Versova, Borivali and Powai – with plans to spread their movement and chain across the city. They offer coffee, tea, internet, power outlets, a meeting room with a projector {on request}, and printing facilities – so you can get your work mojo on. So far, The House in Versova has been finalised with a few places in the pipeline for Borivali and Powai as well.

    So, We're Saying...

    Currently, Workplax is taking pre-registrations but they are set to get the co-working out and running by January end. We say go ahead and book yourself a space as soon as possible.

    Membership Price: A Day pass for INR 399, and monthly Pass for INR 5,999

    To book a space for yourself, go here.


    First time registers can avail a 25% discount for the first one month.

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