Ghee For Your Face? This Brand Is Turning Home Remedies Into Skincare

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What Makes It Awesome

When you're a little obsessed with skincare, like I am, it's natural to spend an afternoon stalking Instagram for new brands to check out. It was on one such sesh that I came across Yashasvi Organics. And since I've definitely been on a clean skincare binge, I needed to know more.

Yashica, the founder started the brand when her kid was a year old, inspired by the homemade products she herself grew up using, as prepared by her mum. She had always been fascinated with skincare and this passion evolved into a whole business that draws from the benefits of natural extracts from fruits, roots, and traditional recipes. All the products are handmade by a small team of women, in small batches and regularly self-tested. 

Currently, they've re-conceptualised the brand to move towards organic and natural skincare solutions that target specific problems. They've currently got 12 products in their catalogue but the one that fascinated me was their Radiance Washed Ghee Moisturiser (INR 499). This is a moisturiser that's made with ghee that has been washed 100 times in a copper vessel till it's fluffy and light. It's then blended with other ingredients including natural oils to create a deep hydrating face cream that's one of their bestsellers! Besides, they also have other products like Vitamin C Serum (INR 499), Vit C Facewash (INR 499), Aloe Neem Facewash (INR 399). All products are priced between INR 299 and 699.


They are planning to lauch a wide variety of over 20 more clean beauty products in the next few months.