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What Makes It Awesome

For those switching to a vegan, gluten-free or even a simple vegetarian diet, but don't want to let go off all the good and yum food, we give you Yogisattva. The brand is touted to be India’s first whole food plant-based culinary academy (we'll get to this in a bit) and a farm to fork delivery kitchen. What's on the menu? Quite a bit and comfort food that you'll be all too familiar with. We are talking about cookies, cakes, ice cream, bread, and a selection of Indian sweets. All of these are plant-based snacks. 

Take the Raw Cacao Ice Cream. It's dairy-free and made ingredients such as cashew and raw honey. Their Raw Cacao & Almond Butter Cookies are made with ingredients such as oats, vegan choco chips, and almond butter, making these cookies vegan and gluten-free too. Speaking of gluten-free, check out their range of bread loaves. They have an interesting loaf that's made with chickpea and rice flour. We haven't had it and we're definitely trying that out. You can place orders on their website and if you place it before 9 pm, it'll be processed the very next day. 


You can check out their festive special treats (for Diwali they are doing a special gift box. Since they are a culinary academy, they also host culinary courses and workshops that you can take part in and get a certification as well. 


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