You Have To Try The Lip-Smacking Chaat From Ram Shyam Stall In Santacruz

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We love finding amazing chaat corners in Mumbai and we can certainly say that Ram Shyam at Santacruz doles out some incredibly good street food.

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Located at North Avenue Road, Santacruz West, Ram-Shyam is probably the best chaat stall in the city. Yes, we’re saying it. Because the mouthwatering chaats he doles out are not only packed with flavours, but the kind that get you addicted. Let’s just start with what we love- the dahi papdi chaat is yummy made with cold curd, sweet and spicy chutneys and crunchy puris. Their pani puri {INR 70}, too, is exceptionally good with perfectly balanced flavours. Mind you, there’s a queue for the pani puris here, so make sure to get here early.

The stall is hygienic and the service here is super quick. There’s no place to sit, so enjoy the chaats standing or get them served in your car. Interestingly, you can even customise the chaat to your taste.

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We definitely coming back for more, like we always have, and suggest everyone’s tastes this amazingly good chaat at Ram-Shyam soon.


Don’t forget to ask for the sukha puri after eating as this marks the end to the amazing chaat indulgence.


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