You'll Surely Forget About The Food When You Experience The Breathtaking View At Gallops In Mahalakshmi

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What Makes It Awesome

About a week back, I decided to make my way to Gallops, which also happens to be one of the knowns gems at the Mahalaxmi race course. Known for its exquisite old school specialties like the Bacon Wrapped Prawns, Mutton Chilling Fry and the Goan Prawn Curry to name a few, it lived up to its signature standard like it always does. The service always gives you an authentic old style vibe, with a staff that's been with this eatery for close to a decade.

But this time around, I decide to go to Gallops to enjoy the view. And I promise you, the sight that sets in front of your eyes, will give the food a run for its money. Surreal, spectacular and a green lush view of Mumbai city through the lens of a heart's eye.

So while you're at Gallops, relish the creations that you're served, be it a coffee, a lovely dessert or a hot soup. But it's certainly got the kind of backdrop that will make you want to rush back there for a meal again.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you're a fan of paan, don't forget to munch on one, on your way out after wrapping up a meal. It adds to the ideal sweet end to an incredible dining experience.

Anything Else?

Enjoy a meal for two at around INR 2000. Every penny of it is worth what you relish here.

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