Make Your Own Barista-Style Coffee At Home With Sleepy Owl Coffee!

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Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” - Stephanie Piro

I truly feel the same. I truly feel the same as its gonna be a long week ahead with the festive season round the corner I would be busy bee winding up office deadlines, planning for house parties, sending out invites & what not. Uffff…..Loads of Work equals to Loads of Breakdown…. This is where my does of cafeeine heles me. A fresh dose of Barista like coffee right in my kitchen with @Sleepyowls. They have a range of exciting flavours in both brew versions be it hot/cold.

Price: INR 300/- for 10 Hot Brew Cups or INR 500/- for 15 Cold Brew Cups

Packaging: Very neatly packaged in a 100% recyclable material to preserve its fine signature taste and aroma.

@sleepyowls uses 100% Arabica coffee sourced directly from farms in the southern part of India, they are then roasted in small batches to maintain their signature taste. Lastly these fresh roasted beans are ground and immediately sealed for dispatch on a daily basis to ensure each and every customer experiences the fresh vibes from every cup of Sleepy owl.

Both the hot brews and cold brews are so on point I absolutely fell in love with it. The aroma that lingers when you unseal any pack is enticing. The flavor is quite rich and strong with a deep, characteristic, chocolate flavor base. The cold brew concentrations can be stored for a week in refrigerator which is a big YEAH for me. The packaging is also quite neat. They also offer Subscription based services at quite reasonable prices. Do check out their page @sleepyowl for more details.
Overall, being a Coffee Lover I definitely would give this product a BIG YEAH and would highly recommend it. Totally value for money.


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