Shop For Junk Jewellery As Low As INR 50 From This Iconic Bazaar

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Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai is the jewellery hub in SoBo that our families visit and we stay away from. But the shopping area also has a couple of stalls which sell amazing junk jewellery for INR 100 – and even less. This stash reminded us of accessories we might find in Zara or H&M {and pay seven times as much for}. We checked out two stalls – Taukir and Mayank’s, and got the lowdown on what you should buy.


Colourful Aztec-inspired necklaces, chokers, long dangling metal mesh necklaces, round gold and silver coloured necklaces, hexagonal geometrical pendants, and so on – the list of amazing necklaces at Taukir’s stall goes on at Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai.

At Mayank’s, another stall opposite this, there were very unusual two-chained bronze necklaces with metal dream catchers, and other motifs like dragonflies too, all in a lovely dull bronze colour. All of these are priced at INR 100 each.


We found gold, silver and bronze-coloured earrings here. We loved the geometric drop earrings which you will not find on other streets of the city. A gem of a find were these double-sided rose-gold ball earrings which we are keeping on till the end of time. A pair of earrings is for INR 50 only.

Bracelets and Bangles

Chunky bracelets with mesh, circle cut-outs, or cool geometric designs are what we picked up from these stalls. You will find many designs, and also bangles to snap up. Each bracelet is priced at INR 50.

Where: We found this stash at two stalls right opposite one another. The first is Taukir’s stall, which is a cart right outside R.V. Jewellers. The second is Mayank’s stall outside Bherumal Shamandas jewellers.

Price: INR 50 for a bangle, INR 50 for a pair of earrings, INR 100 for a necklace


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