Drop All Other Drinks & Have A Healthy, Fizzy Drink For Just INR 150



    We found awesome in a bottle with a delicious, fizzy, fermented drink called the kombucha by Zen Tiger Kombucha.

    Shake It Off

    Recently, post a sweaty and drippy workout class, we recently tried out a delicious drink, Kombucha.

    Having only really heard about the health drink, and never tried this new drink fad – we took a gingerly sip out of the glass bottle, choosing the hibiscus and kokum flavour. It was cold, bubbly and extremely refreshing. We then tried the spicy pineapple {the heat of it really surprises you in a pleasant way}, and then apple cinnamon. They also have a classic flavour available.

    In case you’re wondering what Kombucha really is, it is a fermented tea made with probiotic enzymes, a bacteria called SCOBY with work together with sugar to make the drink fizzy.

    So, We're Saying...

    The prices are affordable, with a small bottle costing INR 150. You have to store it in your fridge, and it’s good up to 2-4 weeks. Rakhee brews these in her home, and delivers in Andheri, Bandra and Khar so call her on +91 9820366204 and place your order.

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