Go Zumba After Work At This Lokhandwala Studio For Only INR 2,000 A Month

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Yoga Loft in Lokhandwala is a cute little studio that conducts regular Zumba classes in the evenings for people looking to get fit while having fun with exciting music.

Zumba, Yoga and More

The Yoga Loft situated in Lokhandwala with its pretty decor and fairy lights that come to life in the evenings is a great place to workout. It’s a studio that offers zumba, and can also be rented out for other workouts like yoga or pilates. We all know how zumba can be kickass and helps us in burning off those extra calories we picked up while gorging on that slice of cheese pizza {no regrets there though}.

However, the zumba classes here are fun, energetic and really affordable. It’s an upbeat workout, and the pretty studio studio designed like a loft adds to the whole ambience. For INR 2,000 they offer eight sessions and for INR 2,500 for 12 sessions. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the classes are in session from 6.30pm until 7.30 pm making it easier for the working folks to sign up for these classes.

So, We're Saying...

All you Lokhandwala folks looking for a great and affordable workout, The Yoga Loft may just be the thing for you. Apart from regular zumba, they also do Bollywood zumba with fad songs you can get workout on.

To book your sessions, go here.


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