Move Over Chicken Biryani! These Restaurants Are Serving Some Seriously Mouth-Watering Veg Biryani

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Others often tease vegetarians by saying that there is nothing called veg biryani and that it is actually veg pulao. But, these five places serve mouth-watering veg biryanis that are sure to shut them up. Check them out!

Hyderabad House

While their ambience might not be their strongest point, the biryani is sure to make you forget that. With every rice grain properly cooked and the vegetables of the right temperature, it will transport you to Hyderabad. You would do injustice to the place if you leave without having their aroma’s special veg biryani.

SP's Biryani House

If there is one reason to visit Sadashiv Peth time and again, it is for the biryani they serve here. Spread over 3 floors, this biryani house will have you salivating as soon as you enter. The veg shahi biryani is our favourite.


For all those Viman Nagar residents craving delicious biryani, this is the place! Their rice is perfectly cooked and topped with caramelized onion. With pieces of paneer and tofu that melt in your mouth to peas that are full of flavour, their sabz biryani has it all. Drooling already?

Pratik Biryani House

This highly underrated biryani house is a secret we’re sharing with you. Their ambience of the place is totally no-fuss but their biryani more than makes up for that. The veg dum biryani is a must-try.

Mughal Mahal

As the name suggests, the ambience and the food is very Mughal. If you’re looking for some royal treatment, then rush to this restaurant, order the subz matka dum biryani and savour every spoonful!