95-Year-Old DJ Dabholkar & Co. Is The Answer To All Your Stationery Needs

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D. J. Dabholkar & Company on MG Road offers a heady dose of nostalgia, along with their stationery supplies. The shop itself has retained much of it’s old-Poona charm, and will instantly teleport you back to those days of buying school supplies with your mum.

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Clocking in at 95 years old {the store was founded in 1922}, it’s one of the oldest {and possibly the last remaining} stationery stores in Pune. Currently run by the third-generation of the Dabholkar family, Mr. Uday Dabholkar describes his shop as, “a friendly mix of books, stationery, toys and games.

Nice for buying gifts, and for personal, school, home, and office stuff.” Here you’ll find all kinds of stationery, art supplies,  and books {select titles} – children’s story/colouring books, adult fiction, self-help books, dictionaries, reference books, puzzles, toys, and board games.

So, We're Saying...

Whether you’re just window-shopping, or a huge stationery nerd {like some of us here at LBB}, make a trip to D. J. Dabholkar & Company. Their pocket-friendly prices will ensure that you won’t be able to walk away empty handed!


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