Smell Like Goa, Himachal Or Pune! You Need To Try This Brand's Personalised Fragrances

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What Makes It Awesome

Who doesn't like owning a fancy vial of perfume? You can smell like Goa, Pune, Himalaya, Ladakh. Intrigued? We found a homegrown brand that creates destination perfumes. Karve Nagar-based A Fragrance Story offers fragrances inspired by different destinations across India. Talking about how you'd smell nice if you want to smell like a city, the brand tells us that they use city-specific elements to create a perfume that'll make you smell like your favourite city. For example, love beaches and zesty scents? Try the Goa perfume, which will remind you of the beach with its lemony, sea-breeze fragrance. If you love the Himalayas, smell like musk.

If you want to show off your Pune pride, you must own the very popular Bajirao-Mastani perfume that smells like Pune. Priced between INR 549 to INR 699, these fragrances are unique and have a personalised touch. Find beautifully packed vials of these perfumes which also make for excellent gifts. The brand has also recently started an exclusive candle range, which is made of 100% organic beeswax. Priced at INR 549 per piece, these crafted candles are available in four fragrances: lemongrass, rose tea, lavender, and cinnamon. The fragrances on the other hand can be bought from their official website and also on LBB Shop. Plus, you can also dial them up to place your order to make yourself a customised fragrance.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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