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A Tiny Mistake

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What Makes It Awesome

We found a unique lifestyle label that crafts bespoke furniture pieces, tableware and home decor ensembles. Get mesmerised with ethereal designs by A Tiny Mistake, an online store which has pieces that are pure home decor goals. They believe in creating each piece that tells a story. With several sections for home decor, kitchenware, furniture and accessories, their website is a repository of decor ideas. While you can browse for the perfect furniture piece for the living room, there is an excellent selection of crockery, earthenware, trays etc for kitchen and dining room. There's stuff even for the kiddies so that they learn to organized from a young age.

We specially love their collection of planters and decorative stands. Desk, wooden, hanging and metal - these are the four kinds of planter types that we loved. There's more if you're on the hunt for variety. Starting range is INR 850 and goes up depending upon the design.

Similarly, they have amazing stools that are a perfect home-decor and utility piece. With intricate handwork, we absolute love the range of decorative pastel-coloured wooden stands that are ranged at around INR 2,800. If you love all things boho and vintage, check out the nesting table set (with pretty prints). They have a bunch of colourful serveware with an extensive range of trays and breakfast tables that can double as the perfect WFH laptop desks. They operate online and you can buy their products or get product info and details by hitting up their website.

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