Swing In Style: Learn The Art Of Aerial Silk From This Artist

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What Makes It Awesome?

We made a fascinating discovery and you will be beaming with joy to hear that you can now learn the beautiful art of aerial silk from this popular artist in Pune. Poorva Karnik, an artist-cum-trainer will teach you to sway and swing using the silk fabric. For those who are unaware of the art, let us explain what it means.

A kind of workout (similar to cardio), aerial silk art involves the individual to perform whilst hanging on the fabric/ribbons. The movements mainly focus on increasing flexibility and upper-body strength. Along with that, this kind of workout can aid you in weight-loss as well. If you are scared of heights, worry not, you are trained on the ground first until you are comfortable with heights.

Poorva, who is an aerialist and Pune's only certified aerial trainer teaches at three studios: Om Studio in Shivajinagar, Alacrity Gymnastics Centre in Kothrud and Tribe Vibe Dance Company on Law College Road. You can choose the nearest centre and enrol for eight sessions that cost you about INR 2000 (INR 3000 for the Tribe Vibe Company).

If you are bored with your typical gym regime, learn the art and get that great summer bod. Under her guidance, you are sure to kill two birds with one stone - improve fitness and pursue an unconventional passion.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1000 - ₹3000

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