Amazing Food, Quick Service & Vibrant Ambience At The Millers

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What Makes It Awesome?

Miller's, situated in the mills behind Sheraton grand. The place has a lot to offer, from good food to a vibrant Ambience, friendly staff and heavenly deserts. I visited this place for a Saturday lunch with my friends.

We ordered:

1. By the way (4/5)
2. Cooler (3/5)

1. Karari Rumali roti: (4/5) it was scrumptious, the crisp was good which perfectly matched with the chatpata flavour on the top.

2. Apricot chilli chicken tender: (3/5) the chicken was well cooked but little blank in its taste.

3. Soya chaap chilli: (4/5) perfect taste, a perfect blend of flavours and very well cooked.

4. Tandoori makhni broccoli : (4/5) I never thought something so amazing can be made out of broccoli, It was amazingly prepared.

5. The chicken nasigoreng: (5/5) a Malaysian dish prepared in India and with so much perfection. Every item on the plate was perfect, the half fried egg, the rice and the chicken everything was amazing.

6. Chicken joojhe kebab: (4/5) The chicken was juicy and tender.

7. Pindi chole with laccha paratha: (3/5) through the chole was well cooked the taste dint compliment it. The laccha parathas were good.

8. Lavos with Assorted dip was delightful. The different dips (especially beetroot and avocado) were blissful.

Coming to the heavenly part, the deserts:

The chocolate cigars, a heavenly dessert which is made to fulfil the utmost desire of deserts. Served with ice cream, the combination is unmatched.

The cheesecake, it was equally good, the taste was great

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