Hop To These Art Galleries In Pune To Admire Local Artists & Others

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Whether you understand art or not, visiting a Pune art gallery is one of the must-do things when in the city? Hop to different art galleries to bserve and learn the different styles of art and be in awe of all the colours too. If something captures your heart, you can also commission them to get a custom-made art piece. 

Bliss Art Gallery

See life through an artist’s perspective at this art gallery. Nestled in a Koregaon Park lane, the gallery is a humble little space featuring local artists and mostly contemporary work. It’s the perfect launchpad for upcoming artists, looking to showcase their work. And, it’s also worth a visit, if you love seeing the art world’s lesser-known creative minds who’re brilliant but taking a while to get recognised. The gallery is open to public all days of the week from 9am to 7pm.

Monalisa Kalagram

A gorgeous bungalow in KP has been converted into an art hub of sorts. There’s a gallery space and several workshops, exhibits and a lot of other art-related activities are hosted here. All kinds of different arts are promoted here: visual, written, performing. It often hosts book readings, art shows and documentary screenings. And, if you want to soak in some culture, it’s the right spot to be at.

Darpan Art Gallery

Showcasing local artworks and artists, Darpan is a humble little space in Patrakar Nagar. Sketches, paintings, sculptures, visual arts and more find a home here. The space is simple and quite ordinary compared to most other galleries and that’s great because it doesn’t shift focus from the art on display.

Renaissance Art Studio

Home-decor collectibles, studio pottery, lighting solutions, framing, concept paintings- you name any form of art and this art studio shall have it. Hidden amongst the trees on Baner-Pashan link road, Renaissance Art studio has its art game on point. Right from gigantic paintings to golden framed portraits, classy pottery to collectibles, they had it all. Many of their exclusive pieces are sold in their special pop-up events which keep happening.

Vida Heydari Contemporary

Vida Heydari Contemporary or VHC in Koregaon Park is an elite art space for the art and culture connoisseurs of the city. This gorgeous gallery cum restaurant is one of the most classy places in the city. Every 5 weeks, the gallery updates their collection and on-boards exquisite works of 5 artists. From wooden ensembles to canvases, net paintings to stonework, everything here is creative and artsy. They even have contemporary art events. Stop by at their restaurant for a delicious European fare.


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