Need A Portrait Made? This Art Studio Paints, Prints & Tattoos Whatever You Need

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What Makes It Awesome?

Remember those street artists at tourist spots in smaller towns in India who’d make a quick sketch of you? If you’re someone who’ll paint you a canvas or sketch a portrait to frame, you should head to Kumar Pacific Mall. 

Located on the mall’s first floor, Art Work Studio is a gallery cum art shop where artists create commissioned work. The beauty of this studio is in the variety it offers. You can get a tattoo, a hand-painted canvas, digital prints and even get something printed on a mug or a t-shirt. 

Claiming to be a one-stop art shop, Art Work Studio actually is. During sales, you’ll find 10 to 50 per cent off on their services. 

If you’ve got your wedding anniversary coming up, or want to commission something special for your parents or beau, you’ll get something in your budget. The studio works portrait pencil sketching, hand-paintings, portrait paintings, warli paintings, modern art, 3D paintings and canvas paintings. 

Of course, the price of the work depends on the size requirement and the style of art you need, which if you haven’t guessed so far, makes this studio the ideal spot to get a custom-made gift.


You can get digitally printed mugs, so if you need to gift a friend something unique, this is the ideal space to get a custom mug.


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