This 70-Year-Old Store In Camp Has The Answer To all Your Household Needs!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Atlantic General Stores was started in 1948 by Mr. Vasudev Kochhar, when he moved to Poona, after Partition. The store specialised in tinned goods, crockery, cutlery, and appliances. They were immensely popular, and used to be the leading dealers in everything from imported pressure cookers, to box televisions; Kraft cheese, to pipe and cigarette tobacco; German cooking ranges, fridges, and so much more. Anand Kochhar -the current owner - tells us that since 2003, they’ve had to scale it back a bit. The family business is now handled by him and his wife, with their kids, settled abroad and nobody to take it over. We had a look around the shop, and though it’s not as well-stocked as it used to be, there’s good stuff here if you look closely. We found a knife-block set for INR 900, cute printed glass bottles for INR 160 each, glass storage jars priced between INR 320 – 375, plastic ice tray sets for INR 110, and a marble mortar and pestle set for INR 450. These finds are actually quite expensive in most other shops, so we were thrilled to find the prices here much more affordable. We also found basic utensils, crockery, cutlery, glassware, and tableware, as well as smaller appliances like hair dryers, electric kettles, insulated casserole dishes, tiffin boxes, Borosil oven dishes, batteries, and light bulbs.

Pro Tip

Atlantic General Stores is open daily but closes half-day on Sunday. They also keep packaged masalas and pudding mixes, basic hygiene products, household cleaning materials, soft beverages, biscuits, chocolates, chips, and savouries. Mr. Kochhar says they can repair or help you source electronics/white goods for your house, so keep that in mind! They still have a regular and loyal clientele who have been buying from them for years, and so we recommend you bookmark them too – for your household basics!