This Store Sells Mukharochok Chanachur, Jharna Ghee & More For Every Homesick Bengali In Pune

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Bengalis of Pune, we know how much you miss your Jharna Ghee, kashundi and Mukharochak chanachur. At Babu Moshai, score all your Kolkata faves without breaking the bank.

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Located at Khadki, right beside Aaoji Khaoji, Babu Moshai is a Bengali’s sweet haven. The store sells stuff from Kolkata, that you will not get anywhere in Pune. From Dulal’s tal mishri {palm candy} for INR 75 to Jharna Ghee for INR 340/500g, buy it all at Babu Moshai.

That’s not it! We also found Mukharochak’s sweet and tangy chanachur with fried peanuts, for INR 150. A cup of cutting chai in Kolkata is incomplete without a bowl of Mukharochak.

Babu Moshai fills you with nostalgia – the racks are filled with bottles of kashundi {mustard sauce}, amer-tetuler achaar {pickle made of green mango and tamarind}, hojmi goli, Darjeeling tea, batasha, Boroline cream and more.

Babu Moshai sells over 15 authentic Bengali sweets, ranging from INR 13 to INR 16 per piece. We highly recommend you try their chitrakoot, nolen goorer rasogolla, danadar and malpua. Don’t forget to order misti doi for INR 100 a pot.

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Bengalis, no more getting homesick, head to Babu Moshai for that Kolkata feel.


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