Bar Stories: Your New Hog Spot!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Once in a blue moon I come across a bar which outshine not only in ambience but in the food as well. One such bar is “BarStories”. I visited this place on Sunday afternoon. The moment I entered I endured the easy breezy vibes. Each walls had a story apprised. My eyes were glued from one wall to another.
The moment I intruded into the place. I saw a gigantic bar shacks shinning bright in gloomy ambience wrapped in a fairly lights with pendant lights hanging on the ceiling along the length of the floor. The quotation on the wall which will surely grab everybody’s attention was “Everyday is a new story” blinking in a blue light which will surely make you recall “koffee with karan“.

Here is the breakdown of my experiences:-

Orange Passion Frappe – A slush mocktail mixed with orange, blended well with orange syrup and crushed ice to fill up the top. It was refreshing and perfect escape from summers.

Herbed quinoa salad – A bowl of quinoa (bulgur wheat) was served with fine chopped red and green bell pepper and the sauce. It was well cooked in wine vinegar and olive oil and taste of quinoa was very prominent although I felt it could have been better if topped with more veggies like tomato, onions, mint and lemon juice.

Corn Curd Mongolian – This dish tops the chat it was soft and spongy and wrapped in vinegar sauce. As soon as I had in my mouth . I was like ‘what is this’ I havn’t had something so good in a while . The greeter explained me that it is a healthy and vegetarian version of the classic Chinese takeout dish – Mongolian Beef. It’s made with crispy tofu, an addictive sweet and savory sauce, green onions, and corn. #highlyrecommended.

Supreme Nachos and Crispy Corn – If one wants to win my heart , these two dish has to be perfect and they managed to make a way to my heart . Nachos were served with lots of veggies and I will give brownie points for having my favourite topping – olives . It was assorted well with thousand island , chipotle southwest and mayonnaise sauces. However crispy corn was presented in a wine glass.

Farm House Pizza – The assortment of colorful veggie made it look the most aesthetically pleasant dish. Brocalli , red and yellow bell pepper , mushroom with a pinch of coriander was amalgamated with enormous cheese on thin crust . #recommended.

Veg Thai Curry With Rice – This was the very first time when I tried thai curry . Initially when I saw the greeter coming with tiffin alike utensil . I was bit skeptical to try but it turned out to be so good. Curry has that familiar slightly sweet but savoury flavour . However I think it could have been better by having the little bit more quantities of veggies.

Pav Bhaji Fondue – Perfect fondue for the chaat lover! The Pav Bhaji Fondue combines veggies, cheese, cream, milk and pav bhaji masala, into a richly flavoured dip for. The combination of veggies is also such that they offer a perfect blend of crunch, tang and flavour. However I felt the bread was not so soft and wasn’t fried properly.

Pan Shots – This is a refreshment drink that is inspired from the meetha pan that we Indians usually consume after a heavy meal. It is made up of pan betal leave and gulgand with spices. Every sip of this aromatic drink will send a lovely tingle down your spine.

Chocolate Bomb – I loved the presentation how “bar stories” were written by sparkle of choco powder. My Chocolate Bombs are filled with chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake. Then, topped with chocolate ganache. It’s really rich and chocolatey, two of my favorite things in a dessert. However this was soft ,gooey and worth drooling .

If you are looking a place to hang out with your friends which has good ambience and delicious food. Then barstories is your destination stop.

How Much Did It Cost?

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