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Wear The Beach: 3 Items You Must Cart Right Away

    Not all of us have the beach nearby but love it anyway. Always having a piece of the beach is the next best thing if you really want to channel those beach vibes all year round wherever you are. And if that's how you want to express yourself, we've curated the best of beach themed accessories (and some fashion, because who doesn't love lounging in a comfy beach dress every now and then) for you take the beach with you wherever you go!

    Gold Plated Shell Detail Hoops By Blueberry

    Gold Plated Shell Detail Hoops


    What better way to channel those beach vibes than through conch shells, yes? These hoops have small shells embellishments on their hoops so you can always carry a piece of the beach with you. Of course Blueberry has a whole range of shell embellished accessories that also use classic scallop (fan shaped) shells, as well as cowrie shells. Basically, if you need Boho beach vibes while accessorising, this is your brand!

    If you're looking for more shell based jewellery, check out this list.

    Beachy Basket Bag

    Tassel Charm Detail Trendy Round Tote Basket


    A basket bag that functions just as well to carry all your essentials while adding major style points belongs to the beach. This nifty handbag with the tassles by Forestkraft is the epitome of beach vibes. The brand has a range of other types of baskets, and florals.