Beach, Cottages, Cashew Orchards: Get It All For Only INR 1200 At This Resort

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Located a few kilometres away from Tarkarli railway station, White Beach Resort is a cosy homestay. On the picturesque shore of the Tondavali beach, your weekend will be full of delicious wood-fire-cooked food, serene beaches and a number of outdoor activities. It will make you want to ditch your Goa plans and plan a staycation that's affordable and adventure-packed.

    The resort offers a beautiful stay for those who love beaches, outdoors or are even looking forward to spend quality time with their families. It's divided into two equally beautiful and comfortable properties. There's a four-bedroom bungalow located on the backwaters of the Gad river. You can sip your tea and enjoy the beautiful sunrise, watch the fishes swimming around and simply enjoy nature. The other part of the property is made up of five-to-six cosy and luxurious stone cottages inspired by the traditional coastal houses of Maharashtra. From these cottages, the Tondavali beach - which is the resort’s private beach - is walkable and you can also sleep to the sound of the ocean waves.

    Apart from beautiful landscapes, the White Beach Resort offers a number of outdoor activities such as cashew picking, fishing with the local fishermen, trailing across a beautiful forest, boating in the backwaters and/or the open sea among other activities.

    The resort also offers you a number of authentic Malvani dishes, right from breakfast to dinner. All meals are cooked by local women on wood-fired stoves and include a variety of freshly caught fishes, mutton or chicken and also authentic Malvani vegetarian dishes. And, you can get unlimited servings of modaks and solkadi.

    Here's the best bit. All of this will only cost you INR 1200 per person for a day. It's the most affordable holiday you could ask for. 


    Do not forget to bring your own booze. There are local shops that provide beer but, the prices are really high.