When Beer Meets Meat: Great State Grill Works At IBC Is Where It's All Happening

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Isn’t it awesome when a mug of craft beer meets a plate of mouthwatering well-cooked meat? Going by this age old tradition, the Great State Ale Works, a Pune-based craft brewery, recently launched their Great State Grill Works at Independence Brewing Company {IBC} in Mudhwa.

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Go here for the love of beer and meat! This combination is hard to ignore. We highly recommend you try the chocolaty dark stout with Great State’s beautifully grilled Asian-style pork chops for INR 350. The dish is a beauty on the plate; the pork belly had a delicious layer of fat, extremely juicy, full of flavours with a tinge of sweetness and cooked to perfection.

If you’re not a pork fan, then wash down your glass of ale with a plate of briny chicken thighs for INR 350.

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The Great State Ale Works made a name for themselves in the world of craft beer. And now, they are acing at grilling some delicious meat and pairing them with their freshly brewed beer. So why not try ’em? Head to IBC and find out if the meat-beer combination works for you!


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