Pune Foodies, These Are Our Favourite Cafes For A Quick Bite Or Great Coffee

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Pune is known for the sheer number of great cafes it is home to—some Insta-worthy, some legendary, some just simply awesome. To help you crack the scene better, we have compiled a list of the best cafes in Pune. They are sure to make your day with good food and ambience. Read on: 

Azul Brews & Bites

Decked up in earthy tones, Azul - Brews & Bites welcomes you for a laid-back time with some delicious bites, beverages, and more. Along with the regular brews, the cosy spot in Viman Nagar also features innovative choices like tender coconut espresso, tangy orange espresso, and much more. The food menu sticks to classic dishes like burgers, wraps, and meal bowls. If you're in the mood to treat yourself, check out their dessert menu to end the experience on a sweet note. A meal for two here can go up to INR 1,000 for two. 

7 2 9 Grams

While Pune is blessed with numerous cafes, 7 2 9 Grams Coffee stands out from the crowd with its precision and dedication. From sourcing the finest beans to in-house roasting and brewing using traditional techniques, the cafe serves 29 types of artisanal coffees to choose from. Whether you prefer an energising shot of espresso to get you going or want to cool down on a sunny day with a cold brew, 7 2 9 Grams Coffee has it all. For vegans or lactose intolerants, they also whip up concoctions with dairy-free milk. A coffee here costs around INR 250. 

Cafe Kathaa

There's a picturesque old-school bungalow on FC road that has been turned into a spacious cafe. With Pinterest-worthy decor, and green surroundings, Cafe Kathaa is a must-visit place for those who like to enjoy good books while munching on amazing food. Bookworm foodies, this place offers you a lot of interesting books to read. For the tech-savvy readers, they also have Kindles on every table. As far as the food is concerned, there are many yummy options to pamper your taste-buds with. Health freaks, this cafe also serves many healthy food and beverage options, We ordered the pineapple and ginger drink, which was simply mind-blowing. We also tried the falafel burger platter, which comes with a dollop of hummus and Piri-Piri fries. We gave a miss to the normal sushi and tried their signature egg sushi. A meal for two costs INR 600.

Paddy's Cafe

Tucked in the leafy lane of Mayur Colony, near Club Solaris, Paddy's Café is a gorgeous-looking eatery in Kothrud. Simple yet charming, the decor of the place mirrors the greenery of Karve Nagar through hanging planters, climbers, and tall, potted plants everywhere. From creamy risottos to meaty burgers and sinful desserts, there's something for every mood. We, however, loved their fish croquettes with garlic aioli, Mediterranean bruschetta topped with bell peppers and feta, and paneer fajitas. Under INR 500, two people can enjoy a nice meal.

Waari Book Cafe

Nestled in the quiet lanes of Karishma Chowk, off Karve Road in Kothrud, Waari Book Cafe, boasts pleasantly off-beat decor coupled with a peaceful vibe, is the ultimate paradise for all the readers in town. From creations by Enid Blyton to Amitav Ghosh and from Robin Cook to Margaret Mitchell, Waari houses over 3,000 books, across genres, authors and taste. So pick up your favourite book, place yourself comfortably on a cosy couch and unwind like never before! We loved the Pasta Sonata for INR 120 and the melt-in-the-mouth sizzling brownie for INR 100. We recommend you try their Oreo shake for INR 120.

Vohuman Cafe

Vohuman Cafe on DP Road is one of the few places in town that opens early morning. It is a legendary café that is famous for its fresh bun maska, and cheesy omelettes in addition to soul-warming teas. Also, remember to dig into their egg bhurji. It's perfect for a hearty breakfast, especially one when you are broke and hungry. Plus, visit this spot with your friends and have a conversation over a cup of tea. All these delicacies are value for money. Under INR 200, two people can enjoy to their heart's content.

Zen Cafe

Coffee lovers, we love this minimalistic cafe in town that is brewing everything from a latte macchiato to a lungo, an affogato and ginger turmeric espresso tonic. Zen Cafe at Koregaon Park is a good spot for some fresh brews and lip-smacking Italian delights. Known for its artisanal beverages and serene environment, this cafe becomes perfect for a solo date. Bibliophiles, experience a quiet time while enjoying your book and yummy beverages that start at INR 80 only.

Butter Brews Bistro

Long day at work or in a bad mood? You definitely need some comfort food. Butter Brews Bistro is a cozy cafe in Model Colony, which serves heavenly comfort food and rich desserts. We suggest you choose the outdoor seating in evenings and enjoy conversations with your group while sitting under pretty fairy lights. From bagels to broodles (their version of noodles in a broth), these dishes will fulfil you. Dig into yummy desserts, such as the New York cheesecake and chocolate hazelnut pastry. You can also gulp down the almond banana smoothie. A meal for two will cost you INR 500.

One O Eight Cafe

If you are a calorie-conscious foodie, this cafe is the one for you. For anything healthy and exotic, One O Eight Cafe is the place to be at. It's in Koregaon Park, this place serves smoothie and acai bowls in the city. In the name of breakfast bowls, they have cacao berry bowls, dragon smoothie bowls, pink passion acai bowl and granola bowls, which you can savour for a healthy breakfast fare. Try the salads and small plates too. The decor is minimalistic, neat and colourful. In short, you will fall in love with the vibes. A meal for two will cost you INR 1,000.

The Fat Labrador Cafe

The Fat Labrador Cafe in Bavdhan is a charming little neighbourhood eatery, which is perfect for you and your pooch. This cafe is made for pet parents who struggle to grab a bite at someplace that's animal-friendly, and also serves good food. If you like your coffee chilled, we recommend you order their Vietnamese-style iced coffee, brewed to perfection. Apart from that, we think their masala omelette, paneer sandwich with affogato and mango & basil smoothie bowl with roasted almonds are total winners. Eat to your heart's content under INR 500.

Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro

Get the French patisserie feels at Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro in Kothrud. Cozy interiors, French music and romantic vibes, this cafe is perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice quiet meal. From French soups to melt-in-the-mouth sandwiches, gourmet dishes like brioche toasts, pan-seared chicken with mashed potatoes - dine like a French man here. A meal for two will cost you around INR 1,000.

Cafe Buddy's Espresso

Located in Viman Nagar, Cafe Buddy's Espresso is a quaint cafe that's perfect to chill with your friends or even to go out on a date. The cafe serves some delicious sandwiches, refreshing teas and coffees and their hot chocolate is a must try. The cafe also has a few board games as well as books that you can read to pass your time. On an average, a meal for two would cost you around INR 500.

Le Flamington

Since its inception, Le Flamington has been a hot spot for chocolate and coffee lovers. From single-origin chocolate drinks to exotic coffee brews, Le Flamington has charmed Pune with all that they have to offer. Their entremets, savouries, bread and chocolates have won loyalists all over the city, and we’re huge fans of their creative additions to the menu every season. If you’re watching your diet, they also have a menu for vegans, and those on a keto, gluten-free or lactose-free diet. Call them earlier to book your desserts in advance. Shell out INR 700 to INR 800 for yummy drinks, bites and desserts.

The Flour Works

One of the most popular cafes in Pune, The Flour Works has three branches that are all packed with loyalists who swear by the comfortable ambiance, comfort European cuisine and hot chocolate. An ideal place for dates, work meetings and even group meals, The Flour Works in Kalyani Nagar now has a full bar available, making Sangria Sundays and cocktail Saturdays and a drink post work a reality. A meal for two comes up to INR 1,100.

Chafa Café

Chafa Café in Koregaon Park is a cute and quaint café. It's a serene, quiet place that you can visit all by yourself, on a date or even with a large group. With a vast menu offering healthy and super delish dishes, this café is a hit amongst all the wellness and fitness folks in and around Koregaon Park.  If you’re a remote worker, you’ll love working out of here. A meal for two comes up to INR 1,000.

Pagdandi - Books Chai Café

You can never go wrong with books and chai! If you’re looking for ideas for some me-time, head down to this book café in Baner and settle down with a book and a hot cup of coffee. Comfortable décor, books and comfort café food make this book café a cozy space to visit, a space that is friendly to both large groups as well as individual customers. Besides tea, coffee, and cold drinks, the café also serves bun maska, burgers, butter toast, sandwiches, kheema pav, brownies, and yogurt. Cost of two will come up to INR 300.

Buon Cibo

Buon Cibo on Pancard Rad Baner is one of our favourite cafes because of its amazing yet affordable menu and cozy interiors. Make a quick stop for a hot soup, a slice of pizza or creamy risotto/pasta. It is one of the best board game cafes of Pune. A meal for two comes up to INR 500. 


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